„All the Christian Fathers and Theologians:“ De Koninck and Aelred of Rievaulx

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Charles De Koninck’s passionate defense of the primacy of the common good over any merely private good, published toward the end of World War II, when an understandable reaction against totalitarianism had lead many philosophers to posit the primacy of the „personal“ over the social, provoked an equally passionate response by the Rev. I. Th. Eschmann, O.P. Eschmann chiefly objected to De Koninck’s thesis that the good of the order of the whole universe is that good which God principally intends in creation, and to which all particular goods in the universe are subordinated. „Is it necessary to remind Thomists,“ Eschamnn writes, „that they should not, in any way whatever, revive the old pagan blasphemy of a divine cosmos?“ And if De Koninck’s thesis were true „then the personalists, and with them all the Christian Fathers and theologians and philosophers, should close their shops, go home and do penance, in cinere…

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